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It Must Be Heaven

(M) directed by Elia Suleiman |


In New Zealand Cinemas October 1, 2020

Rialto Cinema, New Market, Auckland

Academy Cinema, Auckland

Bridgeway Cinema, Auckland

Len Lye Cinema, New Plymouth

Lumiere Cinema, Christchurch

Hollywood Theatre, Christchurch

Rialto Cinema, Dunedin

Regent 3, Masterton

Lighthouse Cinema, Petone

Lighthouse Cinema Cuba

Lighthouse Cinema, Pauatahanui

Elia Suleiman escapes from Palestine seeking an alternative homeland, only to find
that Palestine is trailing behind him. The promise of a new life turns into a
comedy of errors: however far he travels, from Paris to New York, something
always reminds him of home.

★★★★ 1/2
Absolutely beguiling.. Superbly done!
“A profound burlesque comedy”
“Classic Elia Suleiman”

“Suleiman depicts the surrealism of daily life with a crazy poetry, enhanced by an uncluttered mise en scène and Sofian El Fani’s sublime cinematography”

“Palestinian cinema will be hard pushed to surpass what Elia Suleiman has endowed it with in a thirty-year career and four features”

“Elia Suleiman delivers a small masterpiece of irreverent poetry, consolidating his place in that precious family of unclassifiable filmmakers so vital to cinema”

“An existential tale of striking grace, combining lightness and profundity, absurd humour and melancholy”


Whimsical and wistful yet infused with a yearning for the stability of place…Palestinian director Elia Suleiman continues to relish the minutiae and absurdities of daily life via vignettes of life at home and abroad.
The premise for this film is that he (Elia Suleiman) is playing himself: travelling abroad from Nazareth, coming first to Paris and then to New York, trying to speak to producers about getting his latest film made…stylishly made with a distinctive signature.


From Nazareth to Paris and on to North America, Palestinian filmmaker-actor Elia Suleiman searches for the future of his native land… the same close observation of paradoxical human behavior that made him famous, but the focus this time around is on the whole world, which in Suleiman’s persuasive view has become “a microcosm of Palestine.”



  • Still from It Must Be Heaven
  • Still from It Must Be Heaven
  • Still from It Must Be Heaven
  • Still from It Must Be Heaven
  • Still from It Must Be Heaven
  • Still from It Must Be Heaven