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Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

CTC | directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi | 2021 | Japan | 121 Mins

WINNER of the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize –  71st Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival)

An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding. WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY explores three female-centred short stories thematically linked by coincidence, regret, and imagination.

“In the place where dialogue and words usually end, the dialogue of this film only begin. That’s when they go deeper, so deep that, amazed and troubled, we ask ourselves: How much deeper can it go? The words of Hamaguchi are substance, music, material. At first it looks almost minor: a man and a woman, sometimes two women, stand in a room with white walls. Then the scene moves forward, and as it advances you feel that the whole universe, including yourself, is standing there with them inside this simple room.”

“A playful triptych of self-contained vignettes (…) that are bound together by a shared fascination with memory, coincidence, and the deep truths that shallow lies tend to uncover.”

“Hamaguchi writes forensically flawed female characters with empathy and unsentimental honesty.”

“This trio of stories is elegant and amusing, with a delicacy of touch and real imaginative warmth.”


  • Still from Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
  • Still from Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
  • Still from Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
  • Still from Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy