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A Common Thread

(M) Dir. Elonore Faucher, France, 2004. 89 min | Drama, Romance
When Claire learns that she is five months pregnant at the tender age of 17, she decides to give birth anonymously. She finds refuge with Madame Melikian, an embroiderer for haute couture designers.


(PG) Dir. Mohsen Makmalbaf, Iran, 2000. 85 min | Drama, Biography
35mm prints available.
Nafas, an Afghan-born journalist living in Canada receives a letter from her sister, who was maimed by a landmine and left behind during the escape, about her intentions to end her life. Desperately racing against time, Nafas sets out on a perilous journey into a land where it’s illegal for women to travel alone.

Red Lights

(M) Dir. Cedric Kahn, France, 2003. 106 min | Thriller
35mm prints available.
Based upon Georges Simenon’s book, Red Lights is a carefully crafted thriller masterfully incorporating elements of suspense and noir. Starring Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Carole Bouquet.

The Page Turner

(PG) Dir. Denis Dercourt, France, 2006. 85 min | Drama, Thriller
Un Certain Regard, 2006 Cannes Film Festival. A tight emotional thriller about a young woman taking carefully planned revenge on a woman she believes ruined her potential musical career years before. Understated and beautifully acted and scored.

The Stroll

(M) Dir. Aleksey Uchitel, Russia, 2003. 90 min | Drama, Romance
Three young romantics dance around St. Petersburg, Russia, getting themselves involved in everything from a soccer riot to a rainstorm to a fight between best friends. Set in mostly real time, Olya, Alyosha and Petya act as if the world is their due and they live to enjoy every moment of it.

The Mystery Of Happiness

Dir. Daniel Burman | Argentina, 2014 | 99 min | PG

The Mystery of Happiness is from Award-winning director Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace). Santiago and Eugenio are more than friends, they are life long business partners. They understand each other without words, they care for each other and they need each other. One day Eugenio disappears without leaving any clues behind. Santiago immediately notices his absence, but only realises what’s happened when Eugenio’s wife, Laura, lost and hopeless assures him that Eugenio has left on his own accord. […]

The Noble Family

Dir. Gary Alazraki | Mexico 2013 |108 min | M

The Noble Family is Mexico’s biggest ever box-office success! When a successful construction mogul, Germán Noble, realises that his adult children are spoiled beyond belief, he stages a fake company bankruptcy and seizes of all their assets tricking them into believing that they have become fugitives of the law. Left behind is the palatial mansion, expensive cars and bottomless credit cards as Germán moves them all into their grandfather’s dilapidated home in a poor neighbourhood. There they have no choice but to do something that none of them has ever had to do before – work. […]

In the Shadow of Women

Dir. Philippe Garrel | France, 2015 | 73 min | Drama, Romance

Pierre and Manon make low-budget documentaries and live off odd jobs. When Pierre meets a young trainee, Elisabeth, she becomes his mistress. But Pierre doesn’t want to leave Manon – he wants to keep both women. Elisabeth discovers that Manon has a lover, and tells Pierre. Pierre returns to Manon, the woman he truly loves. Feeling betrayed, he begs her, neglecting Elisabeth… After Jealousy, Philippe Garrel delivers a new variation on the theme of romantic passion, […]

Heat Wave

Dir. Raphaël Jacoulot | France 2015 | 102 min | Drama

As temperatures soar in a summer heatwave, daily life in an outwardly quiet French hamlet is disrupted by Josef Bousou, the son of a family of scrap merchants. The villagers single him out as a troublemaker, the source of all their problems. One day, Josef is found lying dead in his family’s yard…

“You can literally feel the thermometer popping at a certain moment” – The Hollywood Reporter


Russian Ark

★★★★★ “Totally exhilarating and surprisingly moving” – Margaret Pomeranz, The SBS Movie Show

“One of the most astonishing films ever made” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Has to be seen to be believed. A glorious experience” – Village Voice

(G) Dir. Aleksandr Sokurov, Russia, 2003. 99 min | Historical drama

Alexander Sokurov’s spellbinding masterpiece RUSSIAN ARK is a multi-award winning film consisting of one unbroken camera shot that moves through St. […]