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Mother is Wrong – French Mini TV Series

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Dir. by François Velle | France 2018 | French with English subtitles | Thriller

Captain Marianne Aubrais is a detective with the Le Havre Police Department. Should she believe a child who tells her that his mother is not his mother? After all, she is busy investigating a robbery that happened months ago. Stolen goods worth hundreds of thousands of euros have not been recovered and two fugitives are still at large.

But if the kid’s story is not pure fantasy, it would be truly criminal to ignore it. The little boy’s memories are fading. If he is telling the truth, will he never grow up to be the adult he should have become? Will he finally be forced to accept the unthinkable and allow himself to be raised by a woman who may have abducted him?


The quality of the cinematography, the subtle play of actors (including Anne Charrier), a multi-faceted story, the meanderings of memory, motherhood … There are a thousand reasons to watch this …

The Parisian

An investigation with multiple twists that plunges into the meanders of childhood memory and holds you in suspense until the sixth and final episode of the series.

Paris Match

A disturbing and captivating thriller against the backdrop of a desperate social reality, served by a host of top actors and magnificent images of Le Havre directed by François Velle.

7 Days TV

In this daily universe inhabited by several female figures, each of whom displays a different relationship to the maternal, a small child confuses and leads cops, thugs and other characters in a plot full of twists. In the same way as the plethora of very convincing actors, including the touching Pascal Elbé in the role of Papy and the amazing Tom d’Ornano who embodies Malone, the city of Le Havre and its surroundings, beautifully filmed by François Velle, more than radiate and fulfill the contract.

Le Nouvel Observateur


  • Still from Mother is Wrong – French Mini TV Series
  • Still from Mother is Wrong – French Mini TV Series
  • Still from Mother is Wrong – French Mini TV Series
  • Still from Mother is Wrong – French Mini TV Series