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Dir. by Travis Beard, Australia. 2017. 90 min | Documentary

By Melbourne based director Travis Beard, Rockabul follows Afghanistan’s first rock band District Unknown. In the war torn capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, where Rock music is forbidden by Islam.

The band put themselves in the firing line to challenge freedom of expression, youth identity and conflict with culture. We get a glimpse into the lives of young people living in the aftermath of absolute destruction and chaos, that is Afghanistan. A glimpse into the underground expat party scene, at odds with a conservative and fundamentalist society. A glimpse into the fire that ignites a young band to play music together and connect with other youth.

★★★★ Rockabul.. shows us a part of Afghan culture, taking us inside life in Kabul.. and provides an experience that is a privelege to witness.  -Margaret Pomeranz & Graeme Blundell, Foxtel Arts

★★★★1/2 A respectful, powerful, entertaining, informative, engaging documentary that kicks ass.  -The Curb

What they are doing is dangerous, therefore exciting. The fire of youth burns bright in their eyes…  it is a very clear expression of a desire to live freely.”  -The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

A film that set out to change people’s views, RocKabul is a flooring documentary giving a glimpse into the lives of young people in Afghanistan. -Beat Magazine

Through their successes and struggles, a constant danger lurks -not just for their artistic endeavours, but from the precarious presence of the Taliban.  -Switch

ROCKABUL is a candid and at times frightening account of the risk these young men put on their own lives, as well as the lives of those who choose to support them .. at the same time as showing if you stick to your guns and follow your dreams you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.  -Forte Magazine



  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul
  • Still from Rockabul