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Wild Things: A Year on the Frontline of Environmental Activism

WILD THINGS follows a new generation of environmental activists hell-bent on saving their futures from the ravages of climate change.

Dir. by Sally Ingleton | 2020 | 89 mins | M

Armed only with mobile phones, this growing army of eco-warriors are mobilising against forces more powerful than themselves and saying, enough.  From chaining themselves to coal trains, sitting high in the canopy of threatened rainforest or locking onto bulldozers, their non-violent tactics are designed to generate mass action with one finger tap.

Against a backdrop of drought, […]

Let The Child Be The Guide

The seeds of a new society of peace and freedom, the Montessori way.

Curious to see how the Method works first hand, filmmaker Alexandre Mourot sets his camera up in the oldest Montessori school in France (with kids from 3 to 6) and observes. The teacher remains discreet.  Alexandre was warmly welcomed in a surprisingly calm and peaceful environment, filled with flowers, fruits and Montessori materials. He met happy children, who were free to move about, working alone or in small groups. Some children were reading, […]


Dir. Travis Beard | Australia 2017 | 90 min | Documentary | M

By Melbourne based director Travis Beard, Rockabul follows Afghanistan’s first rock band District Unknown. In the war torn capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, where Rock music is forbidden by Islam.

The band put themselves in the firing line to challenge freedom of expression, youth identity and conflict with culture. We get a glimpse into the lives of young people living in the aftermath of absolute destruction and chaos, that is Afghanistan. […]

I Am No Bird

Following a successful theatrical run in 2019,

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Directed by Em Baker | Australia | 2019 | 77 mins | Documentary

Women spend their lives receiving contradictory messages about marriage: an aspiration, a fantasy, a trap. An ancient institution, whose meaning has been fiercely debated the world over, […]

The Song Keepers

With 30 min extra of never seen before Special Features!

Dir. by Naina Sen, Australia, 2017. 84 min | Documentary

Australia’s answer to The Buena Vista Social Club, The Song Keepers tells the inspiring story of an Aboriginal women’s choir and their first tour of Germany.

In the churches of remote Central Australia, a 140-year musical legacy of ancient Aboriginal languages, German sacred hymns and baroque music is being preserved by four generations of women that make up the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir. […]

Marina Abramović in Brazil – The Space in Between

“Gritty, raw, beautiful” – PBS – Top 10 Documentaries to Watch at SXSW

“One of the most unique offerings to sneak into this year’s SXSW Film Festival” – IndieWire

“Filled with stunning widescreen landscapes” – Austin Chronicle

“Director Marco del Fiol creates a mesmeric profile of the performance artist’s deeply introspective wanderings” – The Daily Beast – SXSW 2016’s Biggest Stars

Dir. by Marco del Fiol, Brazil, 2016. 87 min | Documentary

Marina Abramović travels through Brazil, […]

Symphony of the Wild

(G) Dir. Jenny Walsh & Lesley Hammond, Australia, 2015. 90 min | Documentary
This dazzling wildlife spectacle propels us into the very private world of some of our most endearing critters. Set across a global stage, a parade of four legged talent struts its stuff against the backdrop of some great classical works. A live action ‘Fantasia‘ features mighty whales breaching, charging elephants, the big cats, and dozens of favourites performing with the symphony orchestra. A highly original event which will thrill everyone, particularly those who share a growing concern for the health of the planet. […]


(R) Dir. Beth B, USA, 2013. 77 min | Documentary
Burlesque performance art beyond anything you’ve seen before. It’s satire. It’s parody. It’s an explosion of art and entertainment. Exposed delves deep into the heart of burlesque with a focus on eight female and male artists who use their nudity to transport us beyond sexual and social taboos. It’s powerful, enlightening, humourous, and it challenges traditional notions of body, gender, and sexuality.

Calle 54

(G) Dir. Fernando Trueba, Spain/France/Italy, 2000. 105 min | Documentary
A musical documentary celebrating the music of some of the world’s greatest Latin Jazz musicians. Narrated by the film’s director Fernando Trueba (Belle epoque), musicians including Jerry Gonzalez, Gato Barbieri and the late Tito Puente, are introduced before their respective performances, filmed and recorded under the finest conditions at the Sony Music Studios in New York.

Darwin’s Nightmare

(M) Dir. Hubert Sauper, France/Austria/Belgium, 2004. 111 min | Documentary
Winner Best Documentary, 2004 European Film Awards and Nominee Best Documentary Academy Award

Some time in the 1960’s, in the heart of Africa, a new animal was introduced into Lake Victoria as a little scientific experiment. The Nile Perch, a voracious predator, extinguished almost the entire stock of the native fish species. However, the new fish multiplied so fast, that its white fillets are today exported all around the world. This documentary is captivating with fascinating subject matter. […]