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The Night Of The 12th in NZ Cinemas

Directed by Dominik Moll | 2022 | France | 115 Mins | M

IN NZ CINEMAS October 27

In the corridors of the criminal police, it is said that all the investigators have a crime that haunts them. One day or another, they come across a case hurting them more than the others, without always knowing why. It starts spinning in their heads to the point of obsession. Young and ambitious Captain Vivés has just been appointed group leader at the Grenoble Criminal Squad when Clara’s murder case lands on his desk. […]

The Night Of The 12th | Cinemas



Preview Screens on October 12: The very evening the crime occurred!

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** Cinema Nova, Carlton: Preview w complimentary French wine: The Azurial. Oct 12
* Classic Cinema, […]

Furia | Norwegian | 8 Episode Thriller

FURIA is a tense, eight-episode thriller with a dark, twist-laden plot, set against the backdrop of two of Europe’s most distinguished capital cities – Oslo and Berlin – as well as rural western Norway.

An edge-of-your-seat mix of undercover thriller and prescient political drama, the story centres around RAGNA, an undercover operative who has penetrated a far-right extremist terror cell, hellbent on carrying out an atrocity the likes of which Europe has never seen before.
Elsewhere, former special ops officer ASGEIR is living the quiet life in western Norway after escaping from the Russian underworld and assuming a new identity. […]

The Night Of The 12th

Directed by Dominik Moll | 2022 | France | 115 Mins | M

IN CINEMAS October 13

PREVIEW SCREENINGS at select cinemas on THE NIGHT OF THE 12TH of October – the very evening the crime occurred!
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In the corridors of the criminal police, it is said that all the investigators have a crime that haunts them. […]

The Blue Caftan

Dir. by Maryam Touzani | 2022 | France, Morocco, Belgium, Denmark | 122 Mins | CTC

WINNER of the Fipresci Prize – Un Certain Regard. Cannes Film Festival 2022


Official Selection at
MIFF August 2022
Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2022
Sydney Film Festival 2022
Cannes Film Festival 2022

Mina (Lubna Azabal – Incendies, Paradise Now) and her husband Halim (Saleh Bakri – Costa Brava, Lebanon) run a small business making and selling bespoke caftans in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. […]

The Sketch Artist on DVD and On Demand

French Canadian TV Series | 2022 | 10 Episodes

Eve Garance is a remarkable sketch artist capable of “reading” people. In the Investigation Unit of the Police Department, she uses her talents to create composite sketches to catch criminals. Her colleagues include Maryse Ferron, the methodical director whose disability has never stopped her; Bernard Dupin, the seasoned investigator who keeps the dark regions of his life under wraps, and Anthony Kamal, the new technician who doesn’t know what he is getting into. This is the team assigned to solve a laundry list of sordid crimes. […]

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy | NZ June 9

Dir. Ryusuke Hamaguchi | 2021 | Japan | 121 Mins | M

WINNER of the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize –  71st Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival)

An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding. WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY explores three female-centred short stories thematically linked by coincidence, regret, and imagination.

“In the place where dialogue and words usually end, the dialogue of this film only begin. That’s when they go deeper, so deep that, […]

Drive My Car | NZ

WINNER of Best International Picture at The ACADEMY AWARDS | OSCARS

Based on the Haruki Murakami story.
Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s DRIVE MY CAR charts a winding road trip through love, loss, truth and peace.

Two years after his wife’s unexpected death, Yusuke Kafuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima), a renowned stage actor and director, receives an offer to direct a production of Uncle Vanya at a theatre festival in Hiroshima. There, he meets Misaki Watari (Toko Miura), a taciturn young woman assigned by the festival to chauffeur him in his beloved red Saab 900.

Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi | 2021 | Japan | MA15+ […]

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Anzac Theatre,

Drive My Car. Reviews and Quotes

★★★★★  a profoundly beautiful film.
Daily Telegraph

★★★★★  It is an engrossing and exalting experience.
The Guardian

★★★★★  It feels as expansive as the whole world.
Washington Post

★★★★★  It’s beautiful in every conceivable way.
San Jose Mercury News

★★★★★   Drive My Car is one of 2021’s best films

★★★★★   …vehicular poetry of the sorrow from which we run, the collisions that awaken us, […]